What are essential oils?

Essential oils are the essence of the plant from which they are extracted, in a concentrated oil form. These oils are brimming with nutrients that protect plants – and people – from disease.

Essential oils are created through steam distillation or cold pressing of particular plants, herbs, seeds, trees and flowers.

They’re the essence of nature. No additives.
No chemicals. No funny business

When we use essential oils, we are drawing on nature in its purest form to support our bodies’ health and wellness. The benefits of oils have been enjoyed all throughout history, a testament to their inherent healing properties. Used in the right way, oils can help people flourish and renew ourselves, just as mother nature intended.

So, how do I use essential oils?

Essential oils are simple to use. There are three effortless ways to get their goodness into your life.


by inhaling or diffusing


applying to your skin


in food or drinks or used
as a dietary supplement

Learning how to use essential oils is easy. When I first started using oils, I was desperate to find a natural alternative to debilitating illness. I wanted something that was straightforward. So, I tried a few essential oil products and almost instantly felt the benefits. I couldn’t stop talking about how amazing they are – and haven’t since!

I love teaching people how to get started with essential oils.
They’re life changing. I can show you what oils are right for you and how to use them, whatever sickness, stress or issue you are going through.

What can essential oils help me with?

If you’ve been on a health journey for years like I have, you can stop searching for that one thing. It’s right here.

Essential oils can:

  • Boost immunity and support body systems
  • Reduce stress, headaches and nausea
  • Balance mood – and temper tantrums in children!
  • Improve sleep quality and increase energy
  • Relieve digestion and skin conditions
  • Replace chemical-filled cleaners and skin products

Essential oils are the real deal. They can change your life. And they’re gentle on you, your family, your home and the planet.

Essential Market Oil Range

Why are Young Living oils the best?

There are many essential oil brands in Australia, each with their own take on using essential oils for natural living.
I truly believe Young Living is the best because:

  • Young Living has an unwavering commitment to sustainability and integrity
  • Their Seed to Seal guarantee ensures they have the world’s highest essential oil standards from sowing and
    farming to extraction and bottling
  • Young Living own the farms from which their plants are sourced
  • Every single batch of every Young Living product is tested for therapeutic integrity
  • Young Living oils are guaranteed to be safe for ingestion
  • Young Living has the broadest range of essential oil products including supplements, make up, skin care and oils
  • Everyone is welcome to visit Young Living farms and get hands on in their fields
  • They have 25+ years as the global leader of the essential oils movement