I share oily goodness across Adelaide and beyond

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been searching for a natural health alternative for a long time. You want to feel better for yourself and your children.

Living naturally is important to you. You value your health and wellbeing.

You know there is a cleaner way to live – you just need someone to show you how to get started. 

I know how that feels. I’m a mum of two and I searched high and low for a natural health solution before I became an essential oils distributor here in Adelaide.

How my essential oil lifestyle began…

Growing up in a health-conscious family, wellbeing has always been important to me. I studied nutrition at uni and when I began my own family, my husband and I always tried to do things as naturally as possible for our children. Buying organic when we can, shopping at markets to support farmers and avoiding processed foods is what we’ve always done. 

So when I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr virus, known as glandular fever, I was totally floored. Unable to look after my kids and contribute to our family, even just getting dressed every morning sapped all my energy. The worst part was that my doctor said I’d be sick for up to three years and there was no medicine that could help.

I tried everything I could think of to get better including endless doses of vitamins and juices. Nothing helped.

Then my friend introduced me to Young Living’s Ningxia Red. And you know what? That bottle of pure nutrition is the one thing that helped me get back to being myself again. I still drink Ningxia Red every day and I feel the best I have ever felt!

I got my Young Living starter kit soon after and now we use essential oils in cooking, to make cleaning products, deal with insect bites, tummy upsets, anxiety and help my kids sleep. Almost any health or body issue we have, essential oils can help! We’ve grown into wellness and beyond. And I have the joy of sharing this with you!

Essential oils are a way of life for us now. They’ve opened the door to a purer, simpler way of living without the chemicals and toxins found in most foods, and body care and cleaning products.

People often ask me why I’m so into Young Living. I believe that when you buy a product, you vote with your dollars. I want to support ethical brands that operate sustainably. The products I choose from my family are better for us, our environment and the planet. It makes sense.  Naturally.

So, are you ready to get some oily goodness in your life?

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Would you like to share the benefits of Young Living too? It’s a rewarding journey, teaching others about health and wellness, on your own terms!
It’s the best decision I have ever made.

Whether you join as either a business partner or customer you get access to the same free resources, ongoing tips, our private online Facebook groups, weekly Q and A sessions, online and in person classes and full support from a community of like minded people.
I will be here every step of your wellness journey.

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